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About Us

Les Peintures Caméléon is a family business founded in 1995. We started with just three employees and we've been growing ever since. Our team is dedicated to providing the most satisfying customer experience possible and the highest standards of quality every day, in everything we do.

Our mission is to offer industrial painting and staining services to businesses with an emphasis on product excellence, expertise, and adaptability.


Our Values 

Respect : 

  • Clients : We respect our deadlines and our commitments.

  • Employees : We respect the skill each individual brings and we’re open to all opinions. We want our employees to thrive and realize their full potential.

  • Environment: We take care in choosing our paints and packaging.

Helping one another : 

  • Clients : We don’t just work FOR our clients, we work WITH them. We think it’s important to build a business partnership that benefits everyone.

  • Team members : We help one another so we can provide the best possible service. Our solidarity is our strength.

Honesty : 

  • Clients: We always tell it like it is and won’t promise more than we can deliver. 

  • Employees: We encourage honest, respectful communication and are committed to having positive, constructive interactions.

 Carl Demers and Mathieu Demers

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